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Remote Support

We can provide remote support on voice and data equipment that is on your data network.

​Don't Allow Lost Communications to Eat Into Your Company's Profits

A few seconds of lost communications capabilities can result in lost profits for your company. When it comes to your business’s ability to operate, rely on the company that only uses trusted products from recognized manufacturers. ​

​Meeting All of Your Company's Wiring and Networking Needs

​Our team is trained to repair and troubleshoot problems with any system no matter the brand or product.

When You Need to Have Your Entire System Reprogrammed for Security or Other Reasons

We also provide in-depth maintenance and repair services, such as changing your system’s programming. Contact StarSource Communications for help the next time you experience communication troubles of any kind. 

​Handling All of Your Communication Needs

For over 25 years, StarSource Communications has been a reliable team when it comes to servicing communication systems. While we are happy to provide you with a new system whenever necessary, we also realize that for some customers, their existing system is still a good fit. 

This is why StarSource Communications services so many major brands, including NEC, Panasonic, Nortel, and others. If you're not ready for a new system but you are ready to work with a company that cares about service and your needs, now is the time to call StarSource Communications.

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